Do I Really Need To Brush Twice A Day?

There are many reasons for us to brush twice a day. When we brush, floss, and rinse, it minimizes the bacteria in our mouth. This in turn decreases oral disease, prevents bad breath, reduces stains and other particles keeping our teeth shiny white. These are all great reasons to brush but the most important reason is to prevent the formation of BIOFILM. That is the real reason to maintain consistent home care. Biofilm forms when bacterial species stack on top of each other. The first bacteria that congregate on newly developed biofilm are called streptococcus and antinomies which are not pathogenic, meaning they cannot cause periodontitis and are in fact beneficial regarding healthy gums. If newly developing biofilm is not eliminated the later arriving bacteria (periodontal pathogens or bad bacteria) have a chance to colonize. Periodontal pathogens freely float around the mouth but cannot cause disease unless they are attached to your gums. When the biofilm is not brushed away bad bacteria increase and within a few weeks they become the dominant bacteria. The colonization of bad bacteria can ultimately lead to periodontal disease. The key to minimizing the bad bacteria is by frequently removing the biofilm & forcing it to start over, which of course is accomplished by brushing your teeth twice a day! Successful home care is very important since periodontal disease can affect the body in many different ways including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, and of course tooth loss. So brush twice a day to decrease your biofilm!

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