Dirty Water

Most of us were personally affected by the water contamination that happened in the surrounding counties recently. Everywhere you went cases of water, gallons of water and even water jugs were out of stock. Coffee establishments could not sell coffee, tea or specialty drinks. Restaurants were forced to shut down completely. Nothing other than bottled or packaged items could be sold or purchased safely. We were all brushing our teeth with bottled water and washing dishes with boiled water. Throughout the weekend and into the following week, many businesses had to close due to the contaminated water.

I’m very pleased to let everyone know that Hadar Dental was able to stay open during the “water crisis”. Who would think that a dental office could stay open for regular hours of operation when so many other businesses could not. Because of our state of the art office and equipment, Monday morning we opened at regular time and saw patients for their scheduled appointments. The water issues were not an inconvenience for Hadar Dental because we do not rely on town water. Instruments are sanitized & cleaned in our ultrasonic & autoclave machines using distilled water. And the water used in the treatment rooms was simply changed out with purified water, safe for drinking and the use of everyday activity. Cleaning teeth and performing dental procedures was no problem and the office was able to carry on as normal! Hadar Dental is committed to providing excellent dental care to our patients in a safe environment and I’m proud to say the recent contaminated water issue is a great example of that.