Digital X-Rays

With recent technological advances, I am able to offer my patients many modern amenities, including digital x-rays (radiographs).

The most positive affect of digital radiographs is the fact that they use a lot less radiation than the traditional way of taking x-rays. This day in age people are more aware of all aspects of health. When someone has any type of x-ray a big concern is “How much radiation am I getting from this?”. Digital x-rays use about 80% less radiation than the traditional type of x-rays. This is especially helpful in easing the mind of my health conscience patients.

Digital radiographs also provide us with more accurate results, a sharper image, and one that is much larger than traditional radiographs.  This enables us to better interpret what is going on in your tooth.

Using digital x-rays also saves patients time. When the x-ray is taken, a quick scan into the computer brings the image right up on our screen. Whereas the old type of films required processing by hand. Digital x-rays are clearer, more defined and also give us the ability to zoom in to enlarge any areas of concern.

Without a doubt, digital radiographs are safer and more convenient for my staff and my patients. If you have any questions always feel free to call the office or we can talk at your next dental visit!

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